What Are the Standard Paper Sizes for Printing?

Array of Different Paper Sizes Ranging from 8.5" x 11" Letter to 24" x 36" Architectural D in a Creative Workspace, Illustrating the Variety of Options Available for Printing, Art, and Design Projects.

Guide to Standard Paper Sizes: Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

What Are the Standard Paper Sizes for Printing?

  • 8.5" x 11" - This is known as "Letter" size. It's the standard paper size used in the United States and Canada for most personal and office documents.

  • 11" x 17" - Often referred to as "Tabloid" or "Ledger" size. This size is commonly used for larger documents like menus, maps, or folded brochures.

  • 12" x 18" - This size doesn't have a specific name. It's frequently used in printing for flyers or large format photographs.

  • 16" x 20" - This is a common size for posters, but it doesn’t have a specific standard name. It's often used in photography and art prints.

  • 18" x 24" - Known as "Architectural C" size. It's a standard size for architectural drawings and posters.

  • 22" x 28" - This size is often referred to as "Medium Poster" size. It's widely used for retail or event posters.

  • 24" x 36" - Known as "Architectural D" size or sometimes as "Large Poster" size. It's commonly used for architectural drawings, posters, and store window displays.

8.5" x 11" - Letter Size

The most commonly used paper size in the United States and Canada, ideal for standard documents like letters, memos, and reports.


  • What is the main use of Letter size paper? Primarily used for everyday document printing in offices and schools.
  • Can Letter size paper be used for printing photos? Yes, but photo-specific sizes might provide better results.

11" x 17" - Tabloid/Ledger Size

Great for larger documents that need more space like menus, maps, and folded brochures.


  • Is Tabloid size suitable for booklets? Yes, it's perfect for booklets and large-scale presentations.
  • How does Tabloid size differ from Letter size? It is essentially double the size of a Letter sheet.

12" x 18"

A versatile choice for large format printing, suitable for flyers, posters, and photographs.


  • What is 12" x 18" paper commonly used for? Ideal for medium-sized posters and high-quality photo prints.
  • Can it be used in standard home printers? Usually, it requires a printer that can handle larger formats.

16" x 20"

Popular in the art world, this size is excellent for photo prints and artwork reproductions.


  • Is 16" x 20" good for framing? Yes, it's a common size for framed prints and art.
  • Can it be printed on a regular printer? It generally requires a wide-format printer.

18" x 24" - Architectural C Size

Standard for architectural plans and large posters, offering a spacious layout for detailed designs.


  • What is Architectural C size typically used for? Mainly for architectural drawings and large graphic posters.
  • Is this size suitable for commercial printing? Yes, it's widely used in professional printing environments.

22" x 28" - Medium Poster Size

Excellent for advertising and promotional materials, providing ample space for visual and textual content.


  • Where is Medium Poster size commonly displayed? Often seen in store windows, schools, and event venues.
  • Can it be used for outdoor posters? Yes, especially when printed on weather-resistant materials.

24" x 36" - Architectural D Size/Large Poster

Perfect for large-scale prints like architectural drawings, promotional banners, and major event posters.


  • What makes Architectural D size unique? Its large dimensions are ideal for detailed and impactful visuals.
  • Is this size easy to handle and display? It requires careful handling and space for display due to its large size.

Find the Perfect Paper Size for Every Project

Whether for professional or personal use, the right paper size can make a significant difference. Explore our extensive range of paper sizes at A Guy With A Printer for all your printing needs.

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